CCAH Administration (Using VMware and Scala.) Knowledge Base Contribution and Consultancy

Hi Everyone.
My Name Is Ochieng Oriato., an enthusiastic  technologist  and  Computer Scientist. In  the  recent past, I have  been very  much  involved  in Python  and  Java Programing  with a focus  in System Development  and  Big Data  Analysis.
It  has  come  to my  notice  that with  information  rich world  of  today, Their  is  a huge generation  of  Data  and  information  which  ends up Not  helping  to  change  the  world  economy  despite  of  these  great  advancement  in  information Science  and Technology.
I made  up my  mind to look out  for  any  relevant  systems  or science  to cater for  this. one of  the  interesting  Package i came  across  was  Big Data Analysis  and which  i guess  is  related  to  System  analytic  in some  way.

If  there is  any  professional  platform  to get me started  please  let me  know  in the  description.

apparently am  looking into  CCAH Administration  and  want  to  know  how  easily  and  Efficiently  we can  consolidate  and  manage  data  and  information.

Your  views  are  all welcomed.

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